Hey hi! It is Jennalyn here, your Sporty Barbie Blonde! With the Girly Girl Twin.. But that doesn't matter, Taylor wanted me to make the Behind the Scenes page, since she isn't here to make it her self. And sorry for not using cool fonts and bold colors, Taylor didn't teach me how to do it. So, yeah.


As you know, we are the wikia staff, as in, we make the pages, we get the photos, we get the info! But times can get pretty tough since we're just high school students. This is basically us:

Taylor: " Hey, Jen, did you get started on the Behind the Scenes page? " Me: " OH CRAP! I'm so sorry I didn't get started on it yet! " Taylor: " WHAT?!? I TOLD YOU TO GET STARTED ON THAT A WEEK AGO!!!!!!!! " Me: " Look Tay, I know you've been under a lot of pressure lately, and I just want t- " Taylor: " WHAT THE HELL?!? YOU THINK IM GONNA FORGIVE YOU FOR THAT?!?!? Who gives a sh** about what you have to say?!?! " Taylor: " I'm gonna smack talk some sense into you! (Cussing) WHAT THE -BEEP- IS WRONG WITH YOU?!? YOU CANT EVEN WORK UP YOUR LAZY - BEEP- TO DO THIS FOR ME?!? YOUR TOO BUSY GETTING YOUR TIGHT P**** POUNDED BY THREE GUYS AN HOUR, DRINKING WINE ON SATURDAY NIGHTS, WORKING ON YOUR PART TIME JOB AS A STRIPPER TO EVEN THINK ABOUT THE WIKIA!! "

And that's how I end up doing the behind the scenes page. Anyways, Taylor is capable of getting what she wants and knows exactly how to make you feel bad about doing something wrong, she would be an epic math teacher!

But let's get to business,

Working at the wikia is super hard, I don't even know how we manage it! We've taken a break for a whole month now,and we have to get back on track! This is basically us: BTW, I USED IMA UNICORN APP TO EDIT THIS PICTURE: