Oh! How could they all die? Really a shame! 3,2,1 oh!


What now?


Oh what do you want?!


They took the princess and won't give her back!

Hero should?..

Not exist,

Mmm .. Got it!


No need to fear, you be the hero!

Set up let down!

  • be sure to sing quickly to catch on with the beat in this part *

Jimmying the lock with a brand new stock with any old item to keep us going!

Party on up to get you pumped and fight!

Oh tell me your just kidding right?

Fine, so ever talk to the peasants ok?

And with a smash go beat that boss down!


Boast and toast it and raise all your glasses!

Cuz they all know that I rule ALL the masses!

And I'll just be here doing every thing for their sake,

Think again, the bigger they are,

The harder their over thrown!

One up and one up! And throw up your hands now!

Partying hard just to watch them all bow down!

Hold up a second didn't hear this at enrollment,

Says my paid vacations are-DELETED, D-DELETED!

So now we're waiting for the bating and the breathing ol' ultimate boss!

Say that we're fighting for a cause because I demand,

Say that we're fighting keep peace over the land!

Looking on, Fighting from the furthest point in the rear,

Calling your stats out like your blind or just can't hear?