Namine Ritsu has a complicated overdressed, high tech, formal, musical theme of
clothing, that is also quite medieval. He has copper colored hair, identical to miki's that is long, straight, bold and metallic, it glistens. He has unusual bangs, two thick and short strands of hair, and a swept over style on his head. He wears a mini top hat that is deep purple, that is flocked with fishnet trim draped up around the hat, yellow trim expands across. He has lime green eyes, too. He wears a thin black choker. He also wears a top that slices off above his stomach. It is mauve colored, with puffed up sleeves, with piano inspired trim yellow lace too! He also wears black detached sleeves with yellow trim with buttons His nails are blood red. His skirt is long and brown. He also has a blue zig zag belt with a golden music note buckle, another flying rainbow rectangle belt that includes pink, purple, blue, aqua, green, lime, yellow, sunshine, and orange. He lastly wears black tights boots (weird, huh?) that are laced straight to the top.