♥Things people don't know about Teto♥ Teto does not count as a vocaloid, she is a Utauloid. All this program is is the free version of vocaloid. So if you make mmd, they are free *wink*.

Now for fashion! Squee! My favorite part-ay of rhyme-ay-ing!

Teto the cat princess

Kasane teto
She has short, red velvet cupcake-like hair. Btw, I L♥VE CUPCAKES! She wears a purple head band that are headphones, with a strand pointing upward. Her hair is in twisted and curled up pigtails. Her eyes match her eyes. She wears a jean sleeveless dress with hot pink lining, on her right arm, there are numbers in pink saying " 0401 " she has detached sleeves that match her jean dress with the same lining color like any other vocaloid. And her boots match her dress.♥
Uniform T