Rolling girlsh

Lonely girl is dreaming all the day,of things she knows are far away!

Screaming out all the voice in her head,are now eating away, hear them eating away!

" I'm just fine. " her breathing out a sigh. You know those words at gone in the ?

So she fell short,more and more

Thinking, " where had I made the mistake again? "

Can't find it, so I'll roll on.

One more time, one more time!

" please just let me roll for another day! "

That's what she said, what she said.

Don't you know the meanings are hidden under the cover?

"One more time?"

" just a little more, waiting till the day that I see the end.

I'll stop this breath from seeping out for now.."

Miku angel school

Rolling girl, has given it her all, it just to far the hue she recalls!

ScreMing out all their voices, turning them all around. All around....

" no I'm fine "

Still breathing a sigh

You know those words are gone in the wind?

No matter what I'm fine and such.

So watch me climb the hill.

That I know I'll always fall from.

Guess I'll roll on again..