♥Gumi Megpoid♥ Gumi megpoid's 3 main colors are green,yellow,and orange. Most people mistake her eyes for being the same color as Miku but it happens almost all the time when I skim the internet for cute Gumi images. Gumi's hair is short with two longer strands of hair in the front. On top of her head she has hot pink clear goggles with a black outline in the corners to make the shape. Her eyes a bright lime and it matches her hair.

Gumi blingee

♥Gumi has a white lace collar with a regular collar and a red pendant. Her dress is sleeveless and completely orange. There is a light orange strap and a sort of jack in between all of that and a blue gem to pin the jacket together. She wears a see through yellow dress under the "jacket" and an emerald green belt with an orange sort of tutu and white frill under the skirt. It is a two layer skirt. She has a hot pink Lace garter not far under her skirt.